Kiln Dried / Export

Harold White Lumber has specialized in kiln dried hardwoods for over 50 years. We strive to supply our customers with only premium quality hardwoods sourced sustainably from the beautiful Appalachian forest. With Harold White Lumber, Inc. strategically located in the heart of the Appalachian forest you can rest assured you are getting the highest quality hardwood products. All HWL lumber inspectors are certified by National Hardwood Lumber Association Inspector Training school. This ensures your lumber is inspected to national standards and is true to our HWL quality.

With our expansive logistical network and in-house coordinator, you can anticipate your shipment on time, on grade, and exactly as specified. At Harold White Lumber we take pride in what we do. We believe in connecting the world through the beauty found in our most precious natural resource, hardwoods. Look for the HWL Brand in warehouse distribution points throughout Asia and Europe.

Hardwood Samples

Very heavy, hard and strong. Ring Porous. Vigorous grain design and texture. Heartwood decay resistant and impervious to liquids making it the only wood used for tifht cooperage. Golden brown to tan/white in color.

Common Uses: Fine Furniture, Unfinished Furniture, Flooring, Sub-flooring, Interior Trim, Cabinets, Handles, Boxes, Farm Implements, Boats, Ships, Barrels, Kegs, Casks.

Diffuse Porous, Light weight. Moderately stiff, relatively stable, easily worked. Open clear grain texture. Heart-wood, grenish yellow; Sapwood, white. Takes and holds paints and stains better than any other wood. Suited for stained interior wood trim and furniture.

Common Uses: Furniture, Veneer Cores, Paneling, Cabinets, Pattern Stock, Weathering-board, Siding, Interior Trim- window Sashes, Door Frames, Woodwork, Molding.

Heavy, hard, strong, stiff, stable and has good shcok resistance. Extremely handsome grain pattern, sands and finishes beautifully. Takes paints and stains very well. Heartwood, deep chocolate brown; Sapwood, white to light tan.

Common Uses: Furniture, Veneers, Unfinished Furniture, Interior Finishing, Cabinets, Novelties, Boxes, Crates, Ties, Pulpwood. Distilled to make acetic acid and wood alcohol.

Very heavy, hard and stiff. High wear and shock resistance. Robust grain pattern and texture, interesting knots and character marks in some cases. Reddish brown to golden tan and white in color. Sands and finishes well.

Common Uses: Fine & Unfinished Furniture, Flooring, Paneling, Interior Trim, Cabinets, Truck Bodies and Floors.. Very Porous. Great for Crossties, Mine Timebers, Posts.

Stiff, strong, stable, resistant to shock. Moderately hard and heavy. Bends and glues well. Long prized by wood workers for its vibrant swirling grain character and light to red-brown color, resulting in rich finishes. Diffuse Porous. Heartwood, light to dark, red; Sapwood, white.

Common Uses: Fine Furniture, Fine Veneer, Interior Trim, Paneling, Cabinets, Instrument Cases.

Heavy, strong, stiff, high resistance to shock and abrasive wear. Holds nails well. Glues, stains, turns, carves and polishes well. Straight grained, at times has curly, wavy or “bird’s eyes” pattern. Porous, spring-wood evident. Heartwood, brown to light tan; Sapwood, white. Sands and finishes well.

Common Uses: Furniture, Interior Trim, Millwork, Handles, Paneling, Cabinets, Wooden-wear, Toys, Bowling Pins, Shoe Heels, Flooring-Truck Beds, Ballrooms, Skating Rinks, Bowling Alleys, Textile Plants and Other Floors.