Environmental / Sustainability

At HWL and HWM we like to call ourselves the biggest environmentalist of them all. We understand and that our success in the future depends directly on responsible forest management and proper stewardship of the hardwood forest in North America. Fortunately, due to modern forestry practices we currently have more hardwood trees standing in our forest than we did 100 years ago. And it only takes 0.57 seconds to grow one cubic meter of red oak, which is the predominate specie in the Appalachian forest. One cubic meter of red oak wood is enough wood to make one solid dining room table along with six chairs. So, as you can tell we are in no shortage of wood, and it does not look like we are going to be running out anytime soon. In fact, for every tree harvested in the Appalachian forest 2.45 grow back in its place (source: appalachianhardwood.org). Being a member of AHMI (Appalachian Manufacturers Association Inc.) holds our company to a higher standard of sustainability. We are proud of their efforts to help educate people on the sustainability of this precious resource as well as hold companies accountable to forest stewardship. When dealing with HWL and HWM you know you are dealing with a responsible lumber company, one that puts sustainability at the top of its priority list.